Mary Jo ..... First, let me say that we have done many of these types of events over the past 28 years.  We had a blast on Saturday.  It was truly a fun event!  We also spent a significant amount of money with some of the vendors!

You did an amazing job and we look forward to participating again next year.  

Thank you ....... Diane Celento

Rochester Travel Group
3175 Chili Avenue
Rochester, NY 14624

Loved it!  Great lead event. Would love to participate in any event you are hosting.

Thank you for all your hard work. I really appreciate it. 

Marla Cybul
Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant 

We had a great time being at the Family & Kids Day Expo last Saturday, and we are happy this 1st year event was such a huge success for you. 

Please keep Sugary Delights informed of future events.

Kind regards,
Lemar Blue

Sugary Delights


Thank you for the opportunity to share Scrap Art with the many dimensions of Family and Kids Day Expo.  The room was perfect.  Participation  was steady, not overwhelming, which has its merits, yet allowed time and space for the “artists” to linger longer and create.  

We had a wide spread of ages and skill levels.  Scrap Art allows for this range with inspiration from the materials.  Granted every day materials,  yet presented in a mix that is inspiring.


 Could Scrap Art be a consideration for a sponsor for other events?

 Thank you.  Mary Jane Wenner-The Scrap Art Lady

Mary Jo,

The event was a huge success.  There were a variety of vendors and activities.  The facility was clean, large and well organized.  All the organizers were kind.  It was well publicized.  Many people came and they had a great time.  It was the best event we have been to. :)

Thanks again
Dawn Nodar-Enchanted Princess Parties of Rochester

Hello Mary Jo,


Thank you for having Lori’s at the Expo, it was a great experience for us. 


It was a great kids event. 

Kelly Klein-Marketing Director

Lori’s Natural Foods Center  

900 Jefferson Rd

Rochester, NY 14623

Dear Mary Jo and Parent Network Staff,

This was my first time participating in the event and I thought it was excellent.  Our table location was excellent and would like the same spot next year!  We will have more staff and would like our Fidelisauras there again too.

I appreciate how well the event was run and all the wonderful staff who made it a worthwhile successful event.

Til next year!



Tracey Clark

Community Relations Specialist | Fidelis Care

Quality health coverage.  It’s Our Mission.

Hello Mary Jo, The Event was Extremely well organized, family friendly and beyond the scope we had imagined.  This was a Great opportunity to get exposed to possible customers in the region.  We Would love to be involved in the future.


John Truini.    Wildlife Rockstars.  

John Truini Director - Day Program and Wildlife Education

Bridges For Brain Injury, Inc.
5760 Duke of Gloucester Way
Farmington, NY 14425


Hello Mary Jo, We had a wonderful time at the 2018 event and want to be included in the 2019 event. Please keep sending me information and updates as they come, including any other events throughout the year.

Thank you, Kevin Deutsch

New York Life Insurance


Hi MaryJo,


Thank you for requesting feedback about the Family & Kids Expo Event held at Pinnacle.  I represented Orangetheory Fitness in Victor that day.  It was a fantastic event and opportunity for our business to get some really great exposure to the local residents in Victor.  We are excited to do it again next year!  Thank you for a well organized and fun event!






Michelle Karch, Head Coach

Orangetheory Fitness

Studio #0915 - VICTOR, NY : Victor Crossing, 400 Commerce Dr, Victor NY 14564

We had such a wonderful time at the Expo!  Dr. Adams and I met so many wonderful people and had the chance to speak to many awesome vendors at the event.  We definitely would like to be included in future events.  The planning that went into this was exceptional and the communication was awesome.  We knew exactly what to expect.  Thanks again for a great day!

Kathy Hartigan
Storybook Farm Veterinary Hospital

Thank you so much for including me in the Show! It was a great event and I believe VERY successful! 


JAS  😊



Blue Jay Windows and Doors:

Local Company

Janice Sipp / President

Blue Jay Windows and Doors, Inc.

7404 State Route 96 Victor, NY 14564

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